Make your own embroidery greeting cards

greeting cards

If you like embroidery and like making your own greeting cards, then you are at the right place.

Things you need to make embroidery cards:

  • Cardboard
  • Thread
  • Needle

And that’s it you are good to go…

Even if you have never combined embroidery and paper, now you can get some really cool ideas. Embroidery on paper is slightly different from embroidery on fabric, but it employs the same concepts. Using embroidery you can stitch your own personalized cards, bookmarks, and many other things. The only difference between hand embroidery on paper and hand embroidery on fabric is that, when working on paper you need to make holes before you start stitching.

Here are some of my embroidery cards.

You can make your own patterns for any occasions or events that depends on your creativity.

If you are thinking about sending handmade greeting cards for your loved ones, friends, or even your family members, you might consider this a great way to personalize a card. Don’t you think its unique?

I hope you’ll like this blog and share your cards with me on social media using #shravyasrecreate. 

Good luck and lots of love


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