Top 6 desk essentials

Hey guys!

Today I wanted to talk about desk essentials. Whether you are a student , work from home or office. I love to have a work space which is more clean and creative. Before moving into the details, make sure you have a dedicated work space so that you are not distracted from your concentration. So now let’s jump into the essentials.


Before starting your day, it is really important to schedule your work for the day. This way you can have more productive day.

2. Stationery

Obviously we need something to write with. So keep all your stationery items at one place. So that you don’t have to get up every five minutes to grab something.


I love using post-it as often as I can. I use them to write deadlines of my assignments and stick on the wall and also I use them when I do reading assignments.

4. Notebooks / papers

If you are a student like me, then always make note of important points from your textbooks . It will help you in fast learning during your exams or assignments.

5. Water

Always drink lots and lots of water . It not only helps to stay hydrated and also have a clear mind during work.

6. Snacks

Make sure the snack on your desk is healthy. I prefer having dry fruits / fruits especially I love dried berries.

These are my top six desk essentials . what are your’s ? let me know in the comment section below.

Until next time…


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