End the year with gratitude + printable worksheet

End the year with gratitude

Hey guys,

We are already in December and about to finish 2019. I know everyone are busy at setting goals or resolutions for new year and planning for new year. But before doing so it is also important to reflect back and be grateful for whatever you have achieved so far and the people who supported you.

So today, I thought to share few questions with you in the printable worksheets mentioned in this post. This worksheets help you to practice gratitude. The two most important questions are : What you are most grateful for ? and Whom you are most grateful for ? You can also draw in emoji that how happy you are in 2019. It also helps you to take a step back and appreciate the things you have, do and are in your lives.

And also you can list the people you are thankful for, achievements you have made so far, life lessons that you have learnt and also if you have any career growth or started a new job. Most importantly be grateful for yourself. Nothing can bring you happiness but yourself.

Gratitude printable worksheet

Hope you have enjoyed it !

Take a step back today, look at all these beautiful things you have. And also you can share your one of the beautiful moments and/or achievements in 2019 with us in the comment section below.

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