Fun things to do at home when bored (Self Quarantine)

Hey guys, Nobody is bored when he is trying to make something that is beautiful or to discover something that is true. William Ralp Inge Are you feeling bored? You want to have some fun time and spend time for yourself instead of cracking your brain and trying to be more and more productive. I […]

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Weekly habit tracker

Hey guys, How are your new year resolutions are going on? If you haven’t set any new habits this year or procrastinating your habits, then a weekly habit tracker is a perfect way to build your daily habits. Tracking your habits is a great way to feel more confident and more in control of your […]

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Mini Pocket Greeting Card

Mini pocket greeting card

Hey guys, For all the people who are looking for making a beautiful personalized greeting card for your loved ones then you are at the right place. Greeting cards are the expression of love, friendship, or gratitude. That is the reason why I love making greeting cards by myself. It is very simple, creative, and […]

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End the year with gratitude + printable worksheet

End the year with gratitude

Hey guys, We are already in December and about to finish 2019. I know everyone are busy at setting goals or resolutions for new year and planning for new year. But before doing so it is also important to reflect back and be grateful for whatever you have achieved so far and the people who […]

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LINE Art – Single line drawings

Hey guys, It’s second week of #weeklyartchallenge. Hope you have seen my first week of art. You can check out more art inspiration from my Pinterest art board.

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Hey guys, Art Series: #weeklyartchallenge I thought to take up a weekly art challenge, #weeklyartchallenge is basically I draw for a week on a particular art basis. Starting with the first week I thought to draw cute doodles. Doodle art is a fun way to draw cute and child-like characters. Most of us have had […]

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