The Ultimate Weekly Habit Tracker

How are your new year resolutions are going on? If you haven’t set any new habits this year or procrastinating your habits, then a weekly habit tracker is a perfect way to build your daily habits. Tracking your habits is a great way to feel more confident and more in control of your day-to-day tasks. […]

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End the year with gratitude + printable worksheet

End the year with gratitude

Hey guys, We are already in December and about to finish 2019. I know everyone are busy at setting goals or resolutions for new year and planning for new year. But before doing so it is also important to reflect back and be grateful for whatever you have achieved so far and the people who […]

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25 Productive Things To do When You Are Bored

       Are you feeling bored? I’m going to go home. Everything is going to be normal again. Boring again. Wonderful again. – Neil Gaiman ‘Never where’ Boredom is a sign that things are comfortable and easy. Having free time is the perfect opportunity to get ahead, realign your dreams, learn something new, or […]

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25 Ways to Take Care of Yourself – Simple Self Care Practices

Hey guys, Self Care is essential for your mental health and well-being. Listening to your body makes you strong. When we accept ourselves for who we are, when we accept both our strengths and weakness, we gain confidence that makes an impression on the people around us. It is only through accepting yourself as you […]

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